Xamarin Forms Released

Hi all,

This is great news, Xamarin Forms NuGet package will get another big upgrade with 2.2.0 stable release.

I got notice about it because one of the bugs I reported about CarouselPage is in RESOLVED status. It seems that CarouselPage is going to be deprecated in favor of a new View called CarouselView.

I’m very excited about the amount of bug fixes and new features in 2.2.0 and I’m looking forward to test 2.2.0 stable release. Specifically, as an Android fan I’m looking forward to upgrade the Google Play Services packages to 29.x to have the latest packages and stay updated in the cross-platform world.

For more information on the bug fixes and new features in this pre-release version, check out the official release notes.

What do you think about this pre-release? Have you tried it yet? Let me hear your experiences in the comments section.


Xamarin Adventures: Consistent Cross-Platform Multi-Threading

Hi there readers! Like I said in the last post, I wanted to write something about Xamarin, and now that it’s open source you might be more interested than before in taking this framework for a spin.

Xamarin is a .NET framework used to build Android, iOS, Mac and Windows Phone apps. It uses C# language features to map Android and iOS APIs and also has a top level abstraction called Xamarin Forms to achieve the most common user story scenarios.

I will start these series of posts, with one question that I think is a keystone to all subsequent development issues you might find when dealing with multi-threading.

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