Patients System: programming for the people

It’s in our human nature to want to help and assist the ones in need. Sometimes we wish we had the time to help more, and sometimes we need people to help us instead, but the question that came up for me was:

How can I help people as a software developer?

Last summer I joined with a group of friends an initiative called “Manos a la Obra“, as part of the Engineering and Computer Science staff, to teach the basics about computers in a small town called “Carmen del Sauce”. But additionally, I started a web application project to help doctors, making a Patient Clinic History Management System, so they can have real-time and easy statistics gathering of people’s diseases they treat and assist.

There’s plenty of initiatives for people to help others through programming/developing software, you just need look finer in your hometown, and have ideas to share.

This blog post is about PPS, the Patients System I made helped by doctors and close friends, with Node.js, Jade Template Engine, Express MVC Framework, Mongo DB and PhoneGap.

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EhCache Standalone Server integration with GlassFish Embedded Web 3.1.2

This one happened to me earlier this year. I was coding a DAO using Hibernate, and I got to the part of configuring a 2nd Cache Level. The whole team decided that it would be a best practice to use Terracotta’s Ehcache Server, which is considered one of the best Java cache Servers out there.

You can check my opened ticket in Terracotta’s JIRA Server for the error log and my new server implementation. Click on Read more for further details.
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RESTful Web Service with Apache CXF for a Java 5 Web Site

Dealing with legacy code is painful, but someone has to do it. I had to make a Restful WS (JSON objects passed everywhere) within a webapp supporting Java 5 and Spring 2.0.3 (a very old version!).

Recently I’ve been investigating about making WS with a framework called AppFuse, which implements the Apache CXF library to make SOAP and REST WS. AppFuse has an interesting documentation and it’s easy to read. But Apache’s library stopped supporting Java 5 since the version 2.7, so I had to configure the Servlet (web.xml file) circumventing the Spring Containter and declare all my JAX-RS Services there.

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