Xamarin Adventures of an Android guy

I’ve been doing cross-platform mobile applications for quite a long while now. I’ve done some PhoneGap apps, and Android apps, and now is the time for Xamarin.

Xamarin is a technology that’s growing fast, and as a mobile developer, is an unescapable career experience. With Xamarin I’ve been able to make iPhone apps for some clients and I’ve learned the importance of being a versatile -language agnostic- programmer.

It’s important to know how to achieve the same goals regardless of the platform you are a fan of, and being able to be as productive as you were without your usual tools.

That being said, it’s been also fun and challenging to try to integrate Java and Android technologies to the C# world. I personally used MonoDevelop in the past for doing some Mono projects back in 2008 but I never thought I would be using it this often. It’s fun how the jokes around Free Software and Privative Software start to mix into a "Dude, I know Object Orientation!" statement.

Who knows, maybe in ten years or less I end up coding in OCaml again, like in my college days in Coruña, Spain.

I hope to make a couple of posts in the future, featuring some Android + Xamarin crossovers. Definitely in time for Superman vs Batman crossover this week! Yay!